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July 14, 2019

"Kids R Key" is a Worldwide Holistic Healing Initiative for all children, and is part of Kind Karma's Global Movement of Loving Kindness.  This is part of our Kind Karma's Initiative because we believe all kids are the "KEY" to creating the world's future of Kind Karma® or Loving Kindness.



Kind Karma® - “A Global Movement of Creating Loving Kindness” has recently partnered up with “The Sophia Valsamos Foundation”. The Sophia Valsamos Foundation is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization "dedicated to empowering young people to take a stand against bullying, find support around challenges and embrace each other's differences".


On Friday, June 14th, 2019, The Sohpia Valsamos Foundation, Kind Karma® and Dr. Dean Telano led an outdoor ceremony and an indoor yoga and mindfulness class to empower our 6-9 year old youth - our future of tomorrow.




Outdoor Ceremony

"Earth Gifting"


“The Sophia Valsamos Foundation” and "Kids R Key" @Inspired Yoga & Healing Center



The outdoor ceremony - "EARTH GIFTING" - a Kind Karma Mission Program, began with the importance of trees and how they play a vital role to all life on earth. Next, the kids participated in a fun, and spiritual, shamanistic ritual to connect with the spiritual power (Dryad) of a tree. After the kids named and hugged the tree, each child made a secret wish to be granted by the kindness of the tree. The outdoor ceremony concluded with Dr. Dean Telano saying to the children that "trees are our friends for life, therefore, we are never alone."​



"Earth Gifting" - Learning How to Connect with the Spiritual Power of a Tree by Opening your Heart and "Tree Hugging"




"Earth Gifting" - Connecting with Nature's Wisdom through Trees. Trees Invite Words of Profound Kindness and Respect and Teach Kids to Connect Deeply and Meaningfully.


"Earth Gifting" - The Shamanistic Sacred Naming of a Tree. The Kid's as a Group Named the Tree. Sorry, but it's their Tree Secret.



"Trees are our friends for life, therefore, we are never alone." - Dr. Dean Telano, Shaman of the Fae, Nature Shaman Reiki Master, Initiated into the Dragon Gate Lineage 




Indoor Class

"Yoga, Mindfulness, Sound, Fun & More!"


Dr. Dean Telano and Inspired Kids Rahini Yoga® Teachers led the kids in fun yoga poses (or course Tree Pose!), breathing exercises, music and movement, and sound healing. The class concluded with a meditation and positive affirmations.


"Joy of Gong & Sound Resonance"


All Kids Learned how to Play our Healing Gong and Sound Instruments! It was Truly a Sonic Blast!


Gong playing is a creative outlet and encourages kids to express their creative abilities as it nurtures self-expression



Kind Karma® Sound Healers of the Future!



It's Never too Early to Learn How to Play the Gong



Inspired Kid's Rahini® Yoga


In "Mountain Pose" Preparing for Our Energizing Standing Yoga Poses



Practicing Our Rahini Yoga® Vinyasas



Yoga with the Toes - "TOE-GA"


Meditation & Empowering, Positive Affirmations:

"Kindness Begins with Me"


Learning How to Meditate and Recite Empowering, Positive Affirmations



"All spirits live on through the authentic loving kindness of others." - Dr. Dean Telano





Kindness Note: A very special thank and lots of gratitude(!) to Jackie Todaro, President and Annette Taylor, Vice President, of "The Sophia Valsamos Foundation" and to all the parents who joined us with smiles.



Read about the "Benefits of Gong Playing for Children":


Kind Karma® A Global Movement of Loving Kindness

"Choose Kindness"





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