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Crystal Awakening Qigong 

"Awakening Qigong with Crystal Healing Energy"

"Awakening Qigong stimulates and directs the flow Chi of the body and organs by stretching or compressing the meridians (energy channels).  Each movement sequence includes breath work, mental focus and mudras, as well as the inner work of sound, color and visualization.  The synthesis of Awaken Qigong's unique movements, breathwork, visualization, and sound 'wakes up' the Chi, healing the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies.  As we develop our own external and internal energy, we inherently form a powerful link to the greater parts of ourselves."
– Dean Telano

tai chi class

"Awaken, Activate & Align your Soul Light Body through Crystal Awakening Qigong."

– Dean Telano 

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Crystal Awakening Qigong

"Crystal Awakening Qigong" Classes, created by Dean Telano, utilizes particular healing crystals during simple qigong flow sequences. 

Select crystals, qigong movement sequences, sacred geometry, focal energy points, visualization, and breathing techniques are all combined to achieve intended outcomes. 

How Does Crystal Awakening Qigong Differ from Awakening Qigong?

  • ​The use of crystals during the sequence parts of the Qigong class.
  • Currently, two main Crystal Awakening Qigong Flow Sequence are practiced during the class series. 

  • We use a specific combination of crystals to achieve a particular set of health benefits. 

  • Practicing different sets of warmups and cool down movements.

    • These sets are incorporated to work in tandem to increase the holistic effect of the specific healing crystals being used. This part may or may not use crystals.

  • Internal Energy Emphasis.​

    • Energy exercises & movements.​

Current Crystal Awakening Qigong Flow Sequences

  • ​Sequence #1:
    • "Celestial Pillar of Blue Light"

  • Sequence #2:

    • "Celestial Pillar of Liquid Light"

Schedule & Cost
  • Contact Person: Naomi​
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"Awakening Qigong is a natural way to vibrant health.  This gentle movement and meditation practice awakens our self-healing ability and nourishes the body, mind and spirit.  Its core tenet is self-love, reminding us that we are the very best doctors of our own soul care."

– Dean Telano, Creator

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