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Holistic Health &
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Awaken Your Inner Healer & Unlock Your Hidden Potential! 

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Dean Telano, Ph.D., E-RYT 500, RCYT, RPYT, KKRGM-24

Founder of Kind Karma® Worldwide & Kind Karma® Yoga

Creator of Awaken Qigong & Awaken with Meditation

Dean Telano has been involved in fitness, nutrition, yoga, meditation, sound healing and energy work for more than 35 years.  Dean teaches wellness is a holistic integration of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.  He is a former adjunct professor, author, exercise physiologist, meditation coach and Gong Master.  Dean has been a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance since 2001.


"Awaken Qigong is a natural way to achieve vibrant health by awakening our self-healing ability and, nourishing our body, mind and spirit.  Its core tenet is self-love, reminding us that we are the very best doctors of our own soul care.

Upcoming  Training Programs & Workshops with Dr. Dean Telano
Dean Telano practicing outdoor qigong

Awaken Qigong is a powerful method of Medical Qigong.  Classes offered at Kind Karma Yoga & Holistic Center. Included during monthly events.

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Learn how to become a certified Kind Karma® Animal and Pet Reiki Practitioner. Open to those who do not have any Reiki experience.

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Reiki Training.  Differs from other styles of Reiki because it incorporates Loving Kindness Symbols, angelic energy, shamanic practices & Golden RA.

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Yoga Teacher Training.  Open for those who want to teach yoga or have a desire to enrich their own personal yoga practice.

Dean Telano playing the gong during a gong bath

Integrative Gong & Sound Healing Training.  Join us in a magical world of relaxation, rejuvenation and vibrational radiance.

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Meditation Training Course.  Open for those who want to teach meditation or have a desire to enrich their own personal meditation practice.

Raising the Consciousness & Vibration of Humanity

As a nonprofit organization, Kind Karma® Worldwide (KKW) was created to propagate positivity and high vibrational energies to help usher in a new earth awakening.  Our mission is to raise the consciousness and vibration of humanity through its holistic initiatives, empowerment programs and community events.  

We are shaping our world's future by empowering the present.

We welcome your support and contributions to the KKW community as we collaborate and engage, to emerge stronger.

"Often our voice is found in our compassionate actions." - Dr. Dean Telano

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Heidi J.

“Dr. Dean Telano is an incredible and amazing teacher – my spiritual teacher.  His compassion, wisdom, patience, knowledge and eagerness to share is unbelievable.  He is the bright healing light we all look for."

Lauren M.

“ Dr. Dean Telano is patient, compassionate, full of wisdom and endless knowledge. He creates a safe, nurturing space for his students to learn and grow. He teaches us how to always be in action and to navigate through our challenges."

Christian W.

“WOW! AWESOME YOGA PROGRAM! Dr. Dean is truly amazing, gifted, compassionate, professional, knowledgeable, and has a great sense of humor. Dr. Dean inspired me more than I ever imagined."

Jessica  M.

“ I am so grateful for Dr. Dean and all that he does for me, and countless others.  He is a true blessing to this world. His wisdom and knowledge is immense. He's so caring and giving, and is an amazing healer and teacher."