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Muay Thai Yogi

Dean's Story

In his early sixties, Dean Telano began practicing Muay Thai.  Despite Dean's senior citizen status, spinal limitations, chronic kidney disease, IBS, and struggles with migraines, he competes with much younger opponents and embraces the challenges of Muay Thai as a martial art.  Dean uses Muay Thai as a powerful way to harmonize body, mind, and spirit.  He is drawn to the spiritual aspects and rituals, such as Wai Kru, within the practice.

Through consistent dedication to Muay Thai and over 40 years of training in holistic modalities, Dean has enhanced the effectiveness of his other practices.  He not only trains and teaches but also lectures, in addition to founding Kind Karma® Yoga, Awakening Meditation, Awakening Qigong, and VAST: Vibrational Academy of Sound Therapy.

Dean's exploration of Buddhist traditions aligns perfectly with his Muay Thai practice, fostering inner strength, respect, and humility.

Illustration Muay Thai Yogi, Dean Telano
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